Saturday, February 5, 2011

Touching My Heart Changes My World!!

I had quite an experience a couple weeks ago when my husband and I were walking down the street from a restaurant to the antique mall. First I should tell you that I am 62 years old, overweight and long past being noticed or complemented by strangers so that you can appreciate all my emotions when this happened:) There was a shop owner standing out in front of her store. We had seen her before but don't know her name or anything about her. The most we have ever spoken would be a "hi" coming from both sides or maybe if I'm feeling southern a "hey". She spoke this day to my husband and said, "Your wife is so pretty and always looks good. You must be very proud of her!" He replied, "I am, I am" which was quick thinking on his part. I said, "Oh, thank you so much, you made my day!" And she did. I call this a "God" thing simply because God knew I needed a boost, a "hug" that day and He found a soul that was willing to provide it. What a blessing. Simple words. I wonder if as humans we hesitate to give each other complements like we should and I wonder even more as woman to woman we do it enough? It costs us nothing and it can make our world a better place....let's just do it!!


  1. Terri, I certainly agree. What a wonderful post. Those God moments mean so much in our lives. Not only is it important to give compliments to others, but I also feel that it is very important to smile at complete strangers that you see during the day. I especially make it an effort to smile at people that I see who appear sad, lonely, etc. and I am always amazed when I receive a pleasant smile in return. That smile may just be what that person needed to make them feel "special" that day!!!!! I still want to come see your shop sometime. Things have just been so busy lately and the weather has not exactly been great either, has it? Have a wonderful Sunday! Love & blessings from NC!

  2. If we would remember that the Holy Spirit lives in each of us, it should make it easier to love, compliment and/or help each other out at a moments notice. I'm trying so hard on a daily basis to think what would God do. To respond as oppose to react. I asssure you there are days it's a struggle and other days I know I'm doing the right thing. Make a change to 'see' God in others. And you know, Terri, I have heard God's voice from you many times. I'm certain that lady was looking right into your beautiful heart and that's what I know makes you so beautiful to me. Most Lovingly, Melinda