Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Trip To The Ocean In The Fall??

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My husband had an idea.....he was ready for an adventure. Let's go check out a different North Carolina beach, somewhere we haven't been. In October, why in the world would we do that I answered. I have 4 shops to get ready for the holidays, I have 3 doctor's appointments, I'm setting up at a Bazaar. Let's just do it he replied.

Why not? We're retired. Isn't that when we are to give in to our whims and just "hit the road" when the road calls?

And so we did. We loved it. There was no traffic. The rental space was nice. People everywhere we went were friendly. I asked strangers where the good restaurants were and when we got the same answer from 3 different people we knew where to go. Scientific way to live life I say. Restaurants turned out to be amazing......beautiful views from every window and the freshest and best food to be found.

All of that was wonderful but what happened on the way home was amazing. We talked and reflected on our trip for the first couple hours and then we listened to a tape (you remember tapes....the things before cd's) of a minister giving a seminar in the 1960's. It was so interesting. We pushed pause, we discussed, we turned it off, we shared personal spiritual experiences. We wept. Nearly 27 years together and we can still have these amazing conversations where our spirits are so joined sometimes I wonder if even death can separate us?

And so it is.