Friday, October 29, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over!

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For today, I am running over with an abundant heart full of gratitude: I have had enough energy to get the things done that needed to be done by me, I have been hugged by friends at the shops where I put out Christmas items, I have heard from all my daughters, I was given a neighbor years ago that became a "Grandma" to my youngest girl after my Mom died (invaluable) and I talked with her today, my husband and I went out to lunch and talked and talked, we drove through the hills and valleys and soaked in the colored leaves and sunshine, I have a new "heart" friend through blogland, and I am looking forward to my tomorrows.

Not every day is like this but more are than are not and so for this day I am taking the time to feel the gratitude and say with every molecule of my being "Thank you, Father". And so it is.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Caught Between Two Worlds

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I have another blog "Finders Keepers" and I just wrote a post there by the same title as here. As I was writing about being caught between Fall and Christmas at my antique booths and how it makes my head spin I realized I was feeling something deeper. Hence, this post. You see if I am really truthful with myself (and really isn't that who matters most?) I get torn between two worlds at Christmas starting right now. It is nearly two months until Christmas but I feel the pull of the material world, the pressure of our own culture to buy, to have, and to do. And then in the quiet I feel the pull of Spirit, of God's love reminding me that what I buy is not important but that how I treat people is. He reminds me that no gift takes the place of time well spent with a friend.....of shared laughter, tears, memories. He reminds me that spending time in the quiet with Him, fills my spirit to overflowing, empowers me in ways that are good so that I may be more like Him.

I must remind myself every day, with the pressures of advertisements to conform to a certain image, that I be true to me to what I know is Important and Everlasting.

How about you? Do you take the time to step aside and think about the Holiness of the Holidays? How do you keep the sacred?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Husband's Art Plus God = Inspired Paintings

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When I first met my husband I was amazed with his artwork. How and when I met him are stories for my other blog "FindersKeepers" which certainly fits the story:) I'll post that one day soon when the mood hits.

Jeff's goad is to capture the spirit of whomever he draws or paints and if it is a landscape he wants to capture the Spirit of God as he sees Him in that particular creation.

It is obvious that I am not a professional photographer but take a look and see if they touch you.

I am glad you took the time to visit and I thank you for each comment or question you leave. I like knowing what you think!