Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When I Am Nervous, Thank You For Peace!

That is what I was telling myself as I cooked a huge pot of chili, cleaned the house and baked brownies. There was 8-12 women coming to my house in just a few hours. I would like everything to be could not never is.....I am not either...never was. I take deep breaths and remind myself that I know these women, they are my friends. I have been to their homes. They do not look for dust or cob webs. I am thankful it is night and they can not see my dirty windows. I light candles, prepare the buffet with dishes and silverware. Put sour cream, chopped onions, oyster crackers in pretty bowls. Put pretty quilts over the dining tables. Breath. Remind myself that more than what I look like or what the house looks like, they will remember how I treated them. I want them to feel loved, appreciated, welcome because they are. Pray, deep breaths, open the door. Open the arms.

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  1. Oh how you have made so many people welcome, including me, and my loves, into your home and your hearts. You do so with a beauty and a grace and a humility that is so inspiring. I wish you could see yourself as we see you - full of love, full of beauty, full of grace. I am so glad that you ae my mom - and my friend. :) Love, D