Wednesday, August 25, 2010


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Love lights my path and sets me free.

I attract healthy relationships into my life that will encourage my spiritual growth.

I wake up each morning and give thanks for a clean slate to write my dreams in the ways I choose.

When I see the color of the leaves, smell the fragrances of fall and feel the crispness in the air, I thank God that I am living an abundant life.

When I am surrounded by friends and family that love me, I know I am experiencing an abundant life.

I watch my thoughts and realize that abundance, good health, all of my life experiences begin in my mind.

I am God’s beloved child and heir to all things good.

I share what I have with others whether it is food, clothing, money or a kind thought knowing that I am adding love to the world.

No man is an island, no man stands alone.....when I hug someone or shake a hand I experience the connection and I am grateful.

Good health is mine and I am blessed.

God speaks to me and as I listen, I am changed in miraculous ways.

The right job, person, book or place is waiting for me right now as I reach out in faith.

Love is always with me, strengthening me to do that which is right for me.

Love removes fear from my life and allows me to move forward and make wise decisions.

Whatever I need, God is providing in this very moment.


  1. Those affirmations are wonderful, Terri. Thanks so much for sharing. I want to write those down in my journal book. It was so beautifully written. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. We all need to remember so much on our journey home. It really helps to affirm the blessings and to remember whose we are. Thanks so much for coming to visit.

  3. As always, Terri, you say the right things at the right time and now for the entire world to hear. How fortunate for far more people to have your wisdom as I have for 10 yrs. and counting. God has certainly blessed us abundantly with you in our world. Melinda