Friday, September 24, 2010

Making A Difference!! One Yard Sale At A Time!

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Tomorrow I am setting up at an inside sale at a local elementary by renting space from the PTO. There will be about 17 families doing this. I love yard sales because it is a win-win situation: I get rid of my stuff and somebody else gets a bargain, a treasure at a good price. I get "high" when I see somebody "like" my goodies well enough to buy them. I don't sew or craft but I do love to go to yard sales and stock my booths at antique shops and occasionally set-up (usually in my yard) and have a huge blow out. Does my heart good.....makes my husband happy to see clutter turned into cash.

Tomorrow, I will laugh with people, get to know a few, share or hear a story or two, have my heart touched by seeing a needy adult or child and I will do my best to make their day brighter by being kind and by giving them a great price! It is a different world at a yard sale and it asks me to think higher and to share more.


  1. Wish I could have come to your sale, but my day is too busy tomorrow. I usually yard sale each Saturday, but I can't tomorrow. Too much other stuff going on. Hope you have a successful sale and get rid of a lot of stuff. Enjoy your weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. Did you sell it all?
    Did you bring some things back home? ;)
    I have to tell you are such an encouragement to me in my writing.
    You always lift me up with kind words and it just makes me cry sometimes.
    You heart touches mine, and I truly look forward to comments from you.
    I see the Lord's grace in you and it's what this world needs so much!
    Thank you thank you thank you!
    Hugs, Terri, my sister!
    P.S. I also love you because you love old houses, too! :)

  3. Just once I would like to sell it all and come home empty handed:) I took leftovers to our town's outreach ministry today. It feels good to have the van empty. I need to weed out more, trust me, a lot more!

    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts.

    I hope you will both visit often!