Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Eve Service, 2002

A Letter To The Choir:

Christmas Eve

I had a Jewish friend once who told me that people of her faith, when asked to describe a spiritual experience, simply said it was a ‘descending into words’ because words are just so inadequate. And this is where I find myself as I attempt to describe to you what I experienced the first year I came to our Christmas Eve service.

I came to the church not knowing exactly what to expect because even though I had been to countless Christmas Eve services, candlelight services, etc. I did not know what this would be like. The music began, bells were being played along with the piano, old familiar carols were filling the air. Then the other instruments were added and I started feeling my whole body and spirit being immersed in beautiful sound. The lump in my throat became huge and the tears began streaming down my face. Pachelbel’s Cannon nearly made me float through the roof. The choir reached out with their voices to embrace everyone there.

There are times in life when our pain is so great that we yearn to climb onto the very lap of God to be rocked. This music is what I would choose to hear as God put His arms around me to bring me comfort.

I want to thank all those who participated in giving us such a glorious night for Christmas. God touched your human endeavors and magnified them tenfold.

I stayed to hear it again into the second service, even though my spirit was overflowing. It was hard for me to leave. God blessed my Christmas through you.

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  1. I know exactly what you're saying, Terri. I still cannot sing Amazing Grace without sobbing. And many times I feel the message in the sermon was intended just for me. It is amazing what we experience when we truly surrender.
    Your writing is a masterpiece to all visionaries.
    Much love, Melinda