Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Husband's Art Plus God = Inspired Paintings

Flickering Candle Pictures, Images and Photos

When I first met my husband I was amazed with his artwork. How and when I met him are stories for my other blog "FindersKeepers" which certainly fits the story:) I'll post that one day soon when the mood hits.

Jeff's goad is to capture the spirit of whomever he draws or paints and if it is a landscape he wants to capture the Spirit of God as he sees Him in that particular creation.

It is obvious that I am not a professional photographer but take a look and see if they touch you.

I am glad you took the time to visit and I thank you for each comment or question you leave. I like knowing what you think!


  1. Wow!
    They are most praiseworthy!
    I LOVE the second one!
    It looks like a photograph-that is amazing!
    How long has he been painting?
    I wanted to reply with an email, but I can't, so I will answer your question: What is the one life-changing thought that you brought home with you:
    Good question, my friend!
    One is, that I thought my blog was to reach unsaved homemakers, when actually it is to encourage my home making sisters-in-Christ.
    Second, that I am to start another blog about my abortion and about being a birth mom.
    Thinking of a name for the blog.
    Like Grace after the Choice, or something--I want the word Grace in there.
    Any thoughts?
    And a third, a freebie, for you: Telling our stories through blogging not only heals the blogger, but the reader. That was "WOW"!
    How's that?

    1. Wow, you wrote this ages ago. Why am I just now finding it? I guess I need it or am more ready to receive it than I was then. I am sorry though that you may have wondered why you didn't hear from me.

      Thank you for sharing this with me. My goodness you got a lot out of it. Will you ever go again?

      Thank you, dear Leslie!